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Healthcare Law


Sometimes I find it funny what we call political discourse. One side has been lying for years and the other side has been scrambling trying to find a coherent message that we will understand. First of all, I would encourage you not to talk to anybody who seems overly angry about the healthcare law. They are clearly misinformed. Secondly, I would remind you that the healthcare law is actually been in effect for three years. Thirdly, you can find most of if not all the answers to your questions on healthcare.gov.

There are no death panels. I had one guy tell me that he “knew” that the healthcare law was going to cause insurance premiums to go up to $26,000 per year. This is false.

I would encourage you to read as much good information as you can. The affordable care act is already improving health and allowing people to have increased access to medical care. It is clearly helping young people and women.  Actually, it looks like the affordable care act is goingto save large corporations billions of dollars in COBRA coverage.

Finally, in case you missed it, President Clinton and President Obama sat down and discussed the Affordable Care Act. This was a wonderful conversation.